Monday, March 29, 2010


I was over at the Detroit Pistons page at Detroit News last night and a I thought there was some internet typo slang I had missed - like pwn and pron.

User Griz, expressing his dismay that the Pistons could let a former player abuse them so much after a terrible season.

Man, Flip Murray schooled Ben Gordon today .. for about 12% of BG's salary ..

UNRWAL and INSANE to keep Joe Dumars as GM .. Yeah .. it will take some work to get a good GM, but it wont be hard to find a better one ... this team is toast


It took me a second but UNRWAL must have meant unreal. Later, Griz explains his mistake.

I guess UNRWAL was suppose to be UNREAL .. but it still expresses my true emotions right now!

Sorry Griz, I am stealing your typo.

Dude, did you see that FBI raid on TV. Dude, that was unrwal!

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