Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Moore: The gift that keeps on giving

[Moore] said Friday that the timing of Hurricane Gustav is “proof that there is a God in heaven,” since the storm approaching the Gulf Coast could disrupt next week’s Republican National Convention.

Moore made the remarks to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Republicans have been monitoring the storm’s progress, considering whether to postpone their convention in St. Paul, Minn., if the storm wreaks havoc on the New Orleans area, just three years after Hurricane Katrina.

“I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” Moore said. “To just have it planned at the same time, that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for Day One of the Republican convention, up in the Twin Cities, at the top of the Mississippi River.”

Here's Keef and Moore doing their thing.

Here's how I like to remember Mikey Moore.

A Beautiful Trap

In nature, the most dangerous things often come in attractive packages that the intended victim just...can't...resist. So too in politics.

In the minutes after the Sarah Palin announcement, the Obama camp and the leftist media reflexively spewed a litany of criticisms exposing a soft-core sexism, bordering on misogyny. McCain didn't pick this lady to attract female voters, he picked her so you idiots would drive them away with your unhinged attacks.

McCain chose a VEEP running mate that has experience, but she lives and works in a state that rarely makes national news - unless it serves a MSM narrative. So her experience and successes are not well known. This invites the Obama campaign to complain about her lack of experience. Again, the resulting discussion is a trap that exposes the primary weakness of Obama.

Finally, this entire discussion has taken some of the most crucial days of the Obama campaign away from him and blunted any momentum he had when he left Denver. I am not sure that the Obama team could have resisted Sarah Palin, but I am certain they are worse off for taking the bait.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New York Times Compliment Sandwich for Sarah Palin

Normally a compliment sandwich is a compliment, a criticism, and a compliment to soften the blow of the criticism you wanted to deliver in the first place. The Times version is three layers of criticisms and no apologies.

The Times ran their Women in the News piece on Sarah Palin. They went to great lengths to find people who admired hate Sarah Palin. From political roadkill to the neighbor who doesn't like her party pastries, we learn that there are a few people in Alaska who don't like Sarah Palin.

Not one mention of her historically high approval rating. Even her winning personality is turned into a negative.
“She wouldn’t have articulated one coherent policy and people would just be fawning all over her,” said Andrew Halcro, a Republican turned independent, who along with Tony Knowles, a Democrat, ran against Ms. Palin for governor in 2006. “Tony and I looked at each other and it was, like, this isn’t about policy or Alaska issues, this is about people’s most basic instincts: ‘I like you, and you make me feel good.’

Then there is this: Her husband works for BIIIIIIIIIIG OIL.
In addition to Ms. Palin’s $125,000 state salary, Mr. Palin earned $93,000 last year running his own commercial fishing business and working part-time at BP’s oil production facility, according to her public financial disclosure reports.

Although Ms. Palin once said that her husband would quit his job at BP if she were elected governor, she later backed away from that. He took a leave from the company after she won, but went back to work there last year, saying his family needed the money.

We get the beauty pageant picture. We get the list of evil conservative policy ques. And near the bottom of the article, we find out a little about her as a person, but by then the good readers of the Times know that they should already despise Sarah Palin.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin: Oh Hells Yeah!

Here are some videos.

Sarah on drilling. "Obama living in la-la land."

Sarah on Glenn Beck. She's wearin' those Meg Kelly glasses and talkin' polar bears.

Craig Ferguson talks about getting a "naughty librarian vibe...

Putin Has BDS and MDS

While on CNN, Putin played to the audience with some BDS sprinkled with truther nonsense. And now we have McCain Derangement Syndrome.

"If my guesses are confirmed, then the suspicion is raised that somebody in the United States purposefully created this conflict with the aim of aggravating the situation and creating an advantage ... for one of the candidates in the battle for the post of U.S. president."

Proof. You want proof?

At a briefing Tuesday, the deputy chief of Russian military general staff, Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, showed off a colour copy of what he said was a U.S. passport found in a basement in a village in South Ossetia among items that belonged to Georgian forces.

"We found a passport for Michael Lee White," Nogovitsyn said. "He's a Texan."

Texans. They start all the damn wars. The staff here at the Shrug has obtained a copy of that passport photo.

Morning Wood: Conservative Hotties

The Hills, Heidi Montag

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Arctic Ice Story

The National Snow and Ice Data Center is out with their second report on this years' melt season for the Arctic. The news sounded awful, "second greatest melt on record."

The problem. Well it's the record. The scientists there are using the Earth Observing System (EOS) Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E). A satellite. The reference period is 1979-2000. Note: The lack of satellites in the 1800's.

This news is interesting when we are talking about weather or current conditions. This is meaningless bullshit when you are talking about climate - the average of weather over a VERY LONG period of time.

The scientists at the NSCDC know the difference, but continue to mix the two references to make splashy headlines...and get a helluvalot more funding.

How about another picture of a polar bear swimming. Oh the lack of humanity.

Inside Gallup's Latest Numbers

One chart stands out. The defection of conservative democrats is the most dramatic change in all of the polling demographics. The analyst at Gallup, Lydia Saad, couldn't find an ideological basis for the shift and insinuated that the polling bounce from McCain would be temporary. I'm not so sure. I think that people are finally focusing on the candidates and that has always been bad news for Obama. Conservative democrats should find a lot to like in McCain and I think this polling data confirms that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hanna Montana Ruins Science

I always thought the global warming hysteria would be brought down by cold hard But alas no. It's that fucking Hanna Montana, again. After years of annoying adults and robbing kids of their childhood, she steals the one scientific advancement I was looking forward to. Science was supposed to bring down anthropomorphic global warming bullshit hypotheses. Not this fucking brat. I hate you Hanna Montana.

Disney's New Hannah Montana Album Features 'Global Warming Anthem'

That's right, global warming has officially jumped the shark. Not because glaciers rolled down the Alps and plundered villages. No, Hanna Montana has a global warming single.

Oh, can you take care of her
Oh, maybe you can spare her

Several moments of your consideration
Leading up to the final destination

Oh, the earth is calling out,
I wanna learn what it’s all about,
But everything I read – global warming, going green
I don’t know what all this means, but it seems to be saying

Wake up, America, we’re all in this together
It’s our home so let’s take care of it
You know that you want to
You know that you got to wake up, America
Tomorrow becomes a new day and everything you do
Matters, yeah, everything you do matters in some way

EH, I kinda liked the beat.

Not Again!

The cops bought the wife's story. Why not? It sounds so plausible.

Man Dies After Falling on Butcher Knife While Trying to Get Kids Out of Locked Car.

22-year-old Miguel Angel Rivera Lemus died Sunday afternoon after he grabbed a knife to try to get his two young children out of a locked car.

Lemus and his wife had dropped by their apartment briefly before planning an errand when they realized they had locked their children and keys in the car.

The woman searched for spare keys while Lemus grabbed a large butcher knife he hoped to use to pry open a window. Lemus fell down six stairs and landed on the knife.

The woman got the children out with the spare keys.

Pry the window open with the knife? I'm not buying that for one minute. They dropped by the apartment briefly...if there is that big of a rush to get the kids out a guy grabs a brick or a hammer. The misses has the apartment key but not the car key, and then calmly finds the car key AFTER her husband has killed himself?

I'm betting that Mrs. Lemus will have some more 'splanin to do.

Monday, August 25, 2008

AP writers back to writing disaster movie scripts instead of news

How many times is the AP going to treat us to the Day After Tomorrow Part II?

Headline: Climate Change Could Wreck New York's Bridges, Tunnels

Since Michael Bloomberg didn't make a big enough ass of himself with his windmill idea, he decided to try again:
The Climate Change Adaptation Task Force met Tuesday for the first time as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to address global warming in New York City, which already includes orders to switch the city's taxi fleet to hybrids by 2012 and to retrofit city buildings to meet greener standards.

I bet they call themselves: CCAT Force.
Experts on the panel said the potential consequences of global warming could include more frequent storms, flooding throughout the city's coastal and lowland areas, repeated blackouts on a power grid stressed to its limits and bridges that deteriorate under the heat.

"We have to adapt to the environmental changes that have already taken place, or that we can reasonably expect will occur because of climate change," Bloomberg said.

Bridges that deteriorate under the heat? WTF do they make their bridges out of in NY, salt water taffy?

And what exactly does switching taxis to hybrids do for global climate change? What ever happened to cost-benefit analysis?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Artic Ice Feels Our Pain...Hemorrhaging

The AP has outdone themselves. While discussing a large crack in a glacier in Greenland, we are treated to the following fleshy descriptions:

...images show a growing giant crack and an 11-square-mile chunk of ice hemorrhaging off a major glacier...

...the university professor who spotted the wounds in the massive Petermann glacier...

"The pictures speak for themselves," said Jason Box, a glacier expert at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University who spotted the changes while studying new satellite images. "This crack is moving, and moving closer and closer to the front. It's just a matter of time till a much larger piece is going to break off.... It is imminent." OOOOOOOOOOOOH!

While everybody seems "alarmed," a prof. who actually studies such things is...well, underwhelmed.

University of Colorado professor Konrad Steffen, who returned from Greenland Wednesday and has studied the Petermann glacier in the past, said that what Box (perfectly named little twit I might add) saw is not too different from what he saw in the 1990s: "The crack is not alarming... I would say it is normal."

Where can I get a copy of the Global Warming Alarmists Dictionary? Eh, maybe I could just watch some more reruns of Will and Grace.

Here's the big crack. With my Perez Hilton labeling.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mexican Government Worries About Returning Illegals

Illegals are returning to Mexico. The economy and immigration crackdown are cited as major factors. The problem?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon plans to help returning nationals by providing food, medical care and temporary shelter if needed. But reports are already out in Mexico that the large number of illegal immigrants returning home could drive down wages and put pressure on social services...

So where have we heard these concerns before? That's right. Many Republicans had those same concerns and if they dared to express them, Juan Hernandez and the open borders crowd screamed fascists, heartless, cruel, genocide!!!...and the list went on and on.

This is the second tasty bit-o-irony I've posted about the Mexican government in two weeks. Not to mention that the Mexican government has never entertained reciprocal rights for US citizens entering their country - legally or illegally.

I'll be curious to see how long it takes the AP to write a sob story about the condition of the Mexican government now that "Remittances" (money immigrants send home) are drying up. Somehow I'm sure it's our fault somehow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rape charges dropped against pedophile former teacher

Looks can be deceiving. And for this guy...

After three years and lots of allegations the Detroit Free Press reports that the prosecutor has dropped the charges.
The case against Perry was shaky from the start. The first boy, who was 5 at the time, told investigators that Perry raped him on his first day of school in October 2005. The boy had only been in the building for three hours when he made the claim. He later said that a 4-year-old classmate was assaulted with him. But when investigators talked to that boy, he denied any attack.

Oakland County prosecutors declined to charge in the case but reopened it four months later after a management shakeup at the prosecutor’s office.

When they reinterviewed the second boy and his mother, his mother told them that her son had acknowledged an attack a few months after denying it to investigators. Prosecutors then charged Perry with raping the two boys and an Oakland County jury convicted him in September 2006.

But Perry’s lawyers almost immediately sought a new trial, noting that investigators never interviewed a teacher and others who worked in the special education classroom where the boys said the attacks happened.

When the prosecutors used this as proof, they lost me.
At one point, Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Dean tried to argue that movies found in Perry’s home, like "Star Wars," the "Harry Potter" films and "Little House on the Prairie," constituted “non-erotic pornography.” Langford Morris ruled the videos irrelevant and refused to let the jury hear that argument.

Morning Wood

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Update. She now wishes she had stayed nude from 12 to 28.

So do we Jennifer. So do we.

Cause of Mass Extinction in Late Cretaceous Identified

In a stunning reversal to recent trends, Nature did not try to link a study discussing a global catastrophy to global warming or any other anthropomorphic activity.

To whit, 93 million years ago (i.e. the Cretaceous),(i.e. pre-HSGHGPDA)(homo-sapien green house gas planet destruction Age) a sudden, and previously unexplained "anoxic event" occurred which deprived bottom-dwelling species of oxygen all over the planet. Hmmm...I'm starting to see some side benefits here...

According to a new report in the science journal Nature,
the event was initiated by massive undersea volcanic eruptions in a plateau under the present-day Caribbean. The result, "devastated animals living on the sea-floor such as foraminifera, millimeter-sized creatures that lie at the bottom of the oceanic food-chain".

Scientists have always suspected a volcanic link to the extinction, Steven Turgeon, a geologist at Canada's University of Alberta, said: "What was missing was a clear link in the sedimentary record."
What was also missing was the ability to blame this on humans, so it's not really important and probably not worthy of publication.
Turgeon reports that the data support an "astounding" 3,000–5,000 per cent increase in global volcanic activity in only a few hundred years.

Natural processes causing drastic climatic change? Turgeon, if that is your real name, that is blasphemy. Only humans are capable of such destruction.
"One theory is that minerals in the magma fertilized the ocean and led to a huge bloom of creatures that then died and decayed, sucking up oxygen in the process."

Wow, that's just like the global warming discussion. It sucks all of the oxygen out of the scientific process.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paraguayan Javelin Olympian Leryn Franco

Wow. Just. Wow.

I ripped this from yahoo sports.

A True Olympian: Sheila Taormina

Sheila is the first woman to qualify for the Olympics in THREE different events. First, as a member of the 1996 womens swim team she won a gold medal. Second, she switched to triathalon for the 2000 games held in Sydney. This year she qualified for the modern pentathalon for Beijing. By the way, the modern pentathalon is shooting, fencing, horse riding, swimming and running. She keeps picking up new sports and is competitve at an olympic level within 18 months. She is only about 5 feet tall but compensates with her endless energy.

Here is her video on current.

Look for her on August 21st and 22nd. Her profile is detailed HERE at

Monday, August 18, 2008

Arctic Ice Cap Refusing to Melt...the Green Scare Continues warming alarmists devastated.

After many predictions in June and July that the artic ice cap would be ice free by August, well, the facts just don't support the Green Scare alarmists.
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center data shows 2008 ice nearly identical to 2002, 2005 and 2006. Maps of Arctic ice extent are readily available from several sources, including the University of Illinois, which keeps a daily archive for the last 30 years. A comparison of these maps (derived from NSIDC data) below shows that Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater on August 11, 2008 than it was on the August 12, 2007.

The earth warmed. And now it's cooling. The media and headline seeking scientists blamed everything on global warming before the facts carried this hypothesis to a theory. Anthropomorphic, or man-only caused, global warming is almost certainly wrong yet we are constantly bombarded with this garbage, as science is manipulated for political and financial gain.

Olympic Wood: Pole Vaulter Yelena Isinbaeva

For Jason. She's called the queen of the pole vault thing.

OK, I made that up. But she is the gold medalist.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ABC News: Count the White Chicks Contest and More Media Fellatio

Update Fri Afternoon

As if on fucking que... Thanks to AP for more gentle cupping of Obama's nuts while he is on vacation.

This is just silly. ABC News asks it's readers on the web to count the white people in a McCain ad and notice that it means that McCain is racist...because the ratio of white women seems too high to ABC.

One...two...three...four...sure are a lot of young white women in this thing....

Here's my contest for Jack Tripper and ABC news. Let's count the number of times you gently cup his balls during the next three months.

Seriously. I want more pictures of Obama shirtless. I want to hear how he gives you shivers. I want more adulation. More reverence. More cheerleading.

I want to worphip my president. I want Camelot. I want to serve.

Olympic Morning Wood

She didn't win crap, but...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Training Day: Part II

If you have seen the movie "Training Day" then you know part of the plot involves a new recruit(Hawke) forced into taking drugs to show that he was "all in" with his street-wise partner (Denzel).

A cops wife in Beaumont Texas claims her husband was encouraged to prove his chops in a massage parlor sting.

Tracy Breiner said her husband was just following orders when he had intercourse with a woman while investigating two spas for reports of prostitution, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

Officer Keith Breiner maintains that the Beaumont Police Department asked him on April 1 to perform sex acts as part of the undercover investigation. He also says that every time he engaged in sexual activity in the investigation he documented in reports and received no objection from the department, the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

That cops story may not hold up, but Training Day was pretty good and still worth watching. I love that 1979 Monte Carlo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accountable America: The Best We Can Do Until Mind Control Chips Can Be Implanted

Accountable America. This is an organization founded on the ideal that threatening people who donate to political parties or causes makes for nicer public discourse as we "come together" under a new regime of change and authoritarianism.

They call themselves a "non-partisan" group trying to help manage the discussion of issues important to this country. They feel that there is just too much discussion going on out there that could end up spoiling the "big coming together with a single voice" movement. For these folks, dissenting voices are just...not American any more. We have to save the world and debating the methods is going to slow things down too much. Of course they are not non-partisan, as their website shows, they state they are dedicated to getting democrats elected across the country.

Accountable America has sent warning letters to thousands of people who have committed the awful act of supporting conservative thinkers, causes, and even (gasp) conservative politicians. Hell, even liberatarians have been targeted due to their nasty little habit of pushing for less government interference.

A slush fund has been established that offers $100,000 to anyone who can dig up dirt on the selected list of political donors (known as targets) who have not been through the re-education camps...yet.

Here is a copy of the letter warning people about their unclean donations.

Fuck you Accountable America, fuck you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Green Scare: "all we can prepare for is extinction"

So now we know who wrote the script for the "Day After Tomorrow."

This guy is in full "Green Scare" mode with his bad disaster movie predictions that have zero, absolutely ZERO, scientific fact thingys behind his claims.

We need to get prepared for four degrees of global warming, Bob Watson told the Guardian last week. At first sight this looks like wise counsel from the climate science adviser to Defra. But the idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, "the end of living and the beginning of survival" for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.

The collapse of the polar ice caps would become inevitable, bringing long-term sea level rises of 70-80 metres.

The Green Scare people must be a load of fun at parties.

But what are we to do? All our policies to date to tackle global warming have been miserable failures. The Kyoto protocol has created a vast carbon market but done little to reduce emissions. The main effect of the EU's emissions trading scheme has been to transfer about €30bn or more from consumers to Europe's biggest polluters, the power companies. The EU and US foray into biofuels has, at huge cost, increased greenhouse gas emissions and created a world food crisis, causing starvation in many poor countries.

Sounds like people are (is) the problem. Mmmmmmm. People.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morning Wood: Biggest Hypocrites in the World

Mexico Border City Fines U.S. Drivers Seeking Cheap Diesel

After decades of their citizens seeking (and getting) free medical and other services on this side of the border, US citizens getting a little Mexican govt. subsidized diesel is apparently too much for them to take.

The city of Ciudad Acuna, across the border from Del Rio, Texas, said Friday that it fined four U.S. residents for carrying extra diesel and would impound their cars until they pay. The fines equal 70 percent of the value of the diesel confiscated.

Mexico, one of the world's top 10 oil producers, sells diesel fuel domestically at subsidized prices of about $2.25 per gallon, about half the U.S. price.

So this is how they repay the US after providing billions of dollars in free services to their citizens...nice.

There is one Mexican import that makes the deal much easier to take.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hockey Fix

First, Hasek coming out to challenge a break-away (Dec 2007). First rule of hockey, skate with your head up. Second rule of hockey...

Brad Stuart nails NHL darling Cindy Crosby.

Filppula's amazing goal.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Green Scare Continues

More scientists making completely unsupportable suppositions and generating bullshit statistics to go with it. From the Daily Globe and Mail.
As global warming heats up temperatures around the United States...will cause a 30 percent jump in nephrolithiasis, or kidney stones, especially in hotter regions of the country, said scientists at the University of Texas.

Only 30%? If I was making this shit up I would have said 50%. That would scare people more.
And, as temperatures increase, so does the risk for dehydration in humans, which can form solid, painful plugs in the bladder and kidneys.

And then this nugget.
Most climate-change experts are not yet aware of the kidney stone connection, but probably would not be surprised.

This whole global warming bullshit machine is looking (and sounding) more and more like a big tent revival healing. "He healed my consumption!!!" "My sight was restored!!!" "I walked for the first time in 50 years!!!"

Dr. Tom sir are a bullshit artist of the first order. Global warming models, as worthless as they are, don't predict 10-15 degree average temperature increases where we live. The risk has always been characterized as weather pattern shifts and polar zone changes...a couple of degrees F. If you are studying people from Detroit that are sent to Iraq...well that's like cancer studies in rats when they are fed their bodyweight in DDT. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ohhhhh, OK. I get it now.

Anthrax-laced letters that killed five people and severely rattled the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of an army scientist's warped plan to test his cure for the deadly toxin, officials said Friday.
I used to do something similar. I would go to strip clubs to try and talk the girls out of their sinful jobs. I would often have to purchase a lap dances so I could spend extra time with explain...just what bad girls they were.

The anthrax attacks seemed to coincide with 9-11, then the Feds ruined the life of another researcher at that facility before figuring out that it was this dufus, Bruce Ivins all along.

The ruined scientist, Steven Hatfill, falsely accused and dragged through the media for two years; he settled his suit for something like 6 million dollars.

Saudi Arabia Bans Sale of Dogs and Cats in Capital in Effort to Keep Sexes Apart

No not the dogs and cats...people. The mingling of men and women is a bad thing and after getting reports that "flirtatious young men [were]luring girls with their pets in malls" the mullahs came up with this solution.

The religious police prowl streets and malls throughout the kingdom, ensuring unmarried men and women do not mix, confronting women they feel are not properly covered or urging men to go to prayers.

In Islamic tradition, dogs are shunned as unclean and dangerous.The ban on cats is more puzzling, since there's no similar disdain for them in Islamic tradition. One of the Prophet Muhammad's closest companions was given the name Abu Huraira, Arabic for "the father of the kitten," because he always carried a kitten around with him and took care of it.

A number of hadiths — traditional stories of the prophet — show Muhammad encouraging people to treat cats well. Once, he let a cat drink from the water that he was going to use for his ablutions before prayers. Another time, Muhammad said a woman who kept a cat locked up without feeding it would go to Hell.

I guess this really is the end of times.