Sunday, August 29, 2010

What The Fuck Is Liberation Theology?

Every now and then I hear some shit about this "religion" when the good Rev. Wright (Obama's Pastor) opens his mouth to taste his foot. I'm basically lazy, so I went to Wiki to get the overview.

Liberation theology[1] is a movement in Christian theology which construes the teachings of Jesus Christ in terms of a liberation from unjust economic, political, or social conditions. It has been described by proponents as "an interpretation of Christian faith through the poor's suffering, their struggle and hope, and a critique of society and the Catholic faith and Christianity through the eyes of the poor",[2] and by detractors as Christianity perverted by Marxism and Communism.[3]

So the "critics" call it Marxism. So I looked at the rest of the liberation theology page at wiki. First thing that jumped out to me was the "Major Figures" section. Pretty much a bunch of Marxist thinkers and socialists. Mostly a bunch of assholes I have never heard of - or more accurately a bunch of Marxist assholes I never heard of. OK, I have heard of a few of them, but I was trying to be cool about it like the President.

More from one of those major figures at Wiki,

Gutierrez emphasized practice (or, more technically, "praxis") over doctrine. "Praxis" is a term borrowed from Marxist theory, particularly the work of Antonio Gramsci. (Praxis is a Greek term that is also the basis of praxeology, a study of "human action" in the world, which is the title of a book by Ludwig von Mises and used by Austrian School of economics). According to Gutierrez, praxis is as important as belief, if not more so.

Ummm. OK. I understood borrowed from Marxist theory, but what is the goal...beyond redistribution. After reading a couple of articles, I think the point is that Marxism resulted in utopia, where followers of this "religion" seek salvation through Marxist principles.

Ultimately, this sounds like the same delusional horseshit that leads parents to feed their kids cyanide kool aide. The fact that the President of the United States is a practicing liberation theologist explains a lot about the type of legislation we've been subjected to in the last two years.

Jeesh, I wish the President were "just" a Muslim.


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